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Pest Expel is an advanced electronic device uses cutting edge technology to emit powerful ultrasonic waves from 22 to 65 KHz of frequency and intensity too high that it sounds like a Jack Hammer to pests & insects. It consistently attacks their auditory and nervous system & forces them to leave your home.

Our device uses high tech automatic sweep system to change frequency of ultrasonic waves after few cycles, which creates extreme irritation to pests. The continuous change in frequency system avoids pests to get immune to sounds in comparison to fixed frequency emission technology.

It naturally drives the pests & insects away from your home without a need for you to use traps and harmful chemicals around your kids. It saves you thousands of dollars in pest control services. No need to clean dead pests and insects. Just Plug in.

The only Pest Repellent backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee. In 2 years if you feel it has lost its effectiveness and does not function anymore like many other brands, we will send you the new one.

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