How Do You Keep Them Away From Your Home

Mice are an irritating bunch of animals. We consider them as pests because they easily find so many ways to enter our homes through small cracks and holes and wreak havoc inside. If you have several unused corners, they usually make their nests there and they likewise can exist in crumbs. While a typical homeowner will be able to tolerate the presence of one or two of them for the simple reason that they’re not really noticeable, the lack of attention to their presence will eventually correspond to a full-blown and uncontrollable infestation. The most important aspect of preventing mice from entering your home is to seal everything that can be an entry point to them. Clean out all the places where you believe mice that nest and finally, get rid of all their potential food sources.

mice in the kitchenSeal the House

First things first, you need close your doors. Many homeowners have this bad habit of leaving either the front or garage door open. While you didn’t intend to do it for the mice to come in, they gladly will do. It is an opportunity for them to find food inside, and when they do find one, they eventually will settle down and nest. So you have to keep your doors closed every single time to at least discourage mice from entering your premises.

During the summer when you want all the breeze and air to come in because of the hot weather, you can leave your doors open during the day, but install screen doors so that mice won’t be able to freely let themselves in.

Meanwhile, you likewise must seal your windows. There’s no point in closing all your doors if your windows are easily accessible. You have to realize that mice are particularly good climbers and they can easily access your windows. The best solution is to have all of them screened. You also have to do some regular inspections on your screen and see if there are no rusty holes or tear.
Aside from the doors and windows, seal all those potential entry points like cable and drain outlets, chimneys, and vents.

mouse in the houseClean Your Place

The next step is to clean your living space and remove all the clutter inside. Mice are particularly attracted to areas where you seem to forget and ignore such as corners of your basement, storage rooms, and closets. Every bit of clutter has to be removed including piles of clothing, boxes of old cookware, old magazines, books, and newspapers, cardboard boxes, old furniture, cans and bottles, and others.
The carpets and floors need to be washed and vacuumed. Every type of debris on the floor and carpets will attract mice, even if they’re tiny. Disinfecting the floors will help a lot and you need to do it twice a week.

Get Rid of Food Sources

Getting rid of food sources for the mice means your priority is your kitchen and pantry. The kitchen is obviously a goldmine for mice and you will want to “mouse-proof” it. To start, you must replace your old trashcan with something that has a lid in it. With the lid, the smell of the trash is prevented from spreading. Likewise, in the event that mice get inside the kitchen, it’ll have a tougher time going through the trash because of the lid. Also, don’t use boxes to store food and put them on the floor. Everything has to be kept in cabinets and shelves.

For leftover food, always use tightly-sealed food storage containers. In case you accidentally cause a spill, clean it up right away. If you have a cat or dog, avoid leaving their food sitting out the entire day because those kinds of food may actually be appetizing to mice as well.

The Use of Deterrents

The most effective and natural way to remove mice from your property is to let a cat spend time inside the premises. They’re the mice’s natural predator so their presence will successfully keep them away. Generally speaking, indoor and outdoor cats provide remarkable and effective mouse deterrence.

If you don’t want to have a cat inside your home, you can instead use mouse repellent. There are several items that serve as effective repellents against mice and this includes bay leaves, mint, and mothballs. The last resort is using traps to be placed outside your home. You will need to place them in areas where you believe mice are using as entrance to your home.

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