Smooth Cockroaches – unadorned roach – Symploce pallens roaches * keeping and breeding roaches

Symploce pallens or the smooth cockroach (unadorned roach) is a small fast breeding species that is one of my personal favorites when it comes to feeding mantids, small frogs, small geckos and other small insectivores. The smooth cockroach is extremely easy to keep – here we use egg crates stacked vertically with a light substrate (can be coco fiber or even Aspen shavings) and top 2-3″ of enclosure are coated with Climb Stopper pure silicone grease. It lasts longer than vasoline and won’t degrade in high heat or humidity. This silicone grease is super slick and what we use in all climbing/ flying species here. For food we offer water crystals, chow and fruit / veggies once a week. Make sure water crystals are fresh every 1-3 days or regular misting depending on colony size, temps and feeding schedule

Favorite Foods: apple, carrot, cucumber & red cabbage
Temperature: 76°F – 86°F
Humidity: 35%-55% (lower the better)
Substrate: Dry
Crowding: Yes, enjoy cramped spaces
Culling: Yes, to remove overcrowded males for optimal breeding (not needed but recommend)
Climbing: Yes, all ages can climb