All these insects, besides being unhygienic, present risks of disease transmission.

Did you know that a fly can carry about 1 million bacteria? Since they absorb these bacteria from the places they land, like trash and rotten food.

To transmit any disease, it is not even necessary for the fly to touch someone’s body. Contact with any exposed food may already pose a serious health risk. Causing diseases such as: dysentery, typhoid fever, diarrhea and cholera.

Usually these insects look for dirty and dark environments. So let your home catch sunlight and do not leave trash accumulated. What most attracts flies, are the residues of sweets.

So keep the food stored properly.

To help get rid of these unwanted visits, now look at some recipes to make at home. Remember that the ingredients are simple and do not pose a risk to pets.

Lemon and clove – 1 lemon divided in half – 50 cloves What to do: Place the cloves in the lemon and distribute them for the environment.
Repels: flies, mosquitoes and ants.

Baking soda with sugar
– sodium bicarbonate
What to do: Mix in equal parts, place in caps and distribute around the house.
Repels: cheap.

Leaves of dried laurel
What to do: Put some bay leaves in the drawers of the house.
Repels: cockroaches, moths and ants.

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