Boric Acid The Best Natural Cockroach Killer

Boric Acid The Best Natural Cockroach Killer (100% True)
Voice – Shakiba Haque
Now when the cockroach walks over the treated area the positive charge of the boric acid will be attracted to the cockroach and stick to its body. The damage the powder does to the cockroach is two fold. The nature of boric acid is that it’s a mineral and crystalline. So it will damage the exoskeleton of the cockroach. The other way is that a cockroach although a dirty creature that harbors pathogens, likes to keep itself clean. In doing so, it will ingest the boric acid and dehydrate as a result. Once a roach comes in contact with the powder it will die in about 72 hours. Nymphs or juveniles usually die in 24 to 48 hours. Cockroaches exposed to boric acid will exhibit behavior that is out of the ordinary for a roach. They will come out in the daylight or lighted areas. They will walk out in to the middle of a floor rather than along the edge of the room. Cockroaches like to have a wall touching their body at all times, it makes them feel secure and its even better if they’re in between something…

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