Reducing the Chances of Cockroach Infestation

If there’s one thing that distinguishes cockroaches from the rest of the animal kingdom, it is the fact that they are able to survive and even thrive in practically all types of environments. That’s why even if you think your place is squeaky clean, you still get disappointed to see a cockroach on top of your leftover food. Where humans live, cockroaches exist. They’re the perfect epitome of a pest, and everyone is not spared. If you live in the city, you sure will find them. If you’re in the countryside, they’re still there.

roachEvery homeowner will agree that cockroaches are the dirtiest pests and they need to be eliminated as soon as possible. While you can conveniently call in a pest control professional to handle the extermination, you still have the responsibility of preventing them from returning, thereby doing things to reduce the chances of infestation. But the question is how do you do it?

As soon as you’re done eliminating a substantial percentage of the roach population in your home or private property, you have to understand that the battle hasn’t been won, at least for now. The first thing you need to realize is that there is really no way to completely eradicate them especially if you live in a neighborhood where the rest of the nearby homes and builders are less sanitary. You see, preventing these pests from returning will definitely require a lot of work and you can’t just ignore it. But the good news is that just like rats and other pests, the main reason why they want to live in a place is because of the abundance of food. Next to that is the fact that your place has become an ideal and conducive environment for them. So your focus is to make your space or home as unpleasant as possible for them. If they see that there’s no source of food and that your home is not ideal for them to thrive, they’ll voluntarily look for another place.

Make Them Starve

The best way to prevent them from building a home in your house is to force them to migrate. To do that, you have to make them starve. If they see that your area cannot supply them with the right amount of food and water, they’ll be desperate to look somewhere else. However, be cautious when you deprive them of the food and water they’re used to because they might just become more resourceful by accessing those areas in your home that they normally don’t go to.

food for cockroachSo aside from depriving them of their food, you also would need to keep your entire house clean. Do your vacuuming and sweeping more often and you may want to pay more attention to your furniture and underneath your appliances. These are the areas where cockroaches love to hang out because they aren’t conspicuously seen.

Cockroaches also love water. That’s why your kitchen and bathroom are the main areas in your home that roaches love to hang out. These places are quite abundant in both food and water. They quite attracted to damp areas so be sure you don’t leave any standing water like that in bathtubs, soaking dishes, and stopped-up sinks. If you cannot avoid the dampness inside your living space, you need purchase and use a dehumidifier to control the moisture. As for faucets and pipes, make sure there are no leaks.

Seal Everything

If you have cracks, corners, and crannies in your home, you have to know that all of them are roaches’ favorite hiding spots. First, you need to caulk them and then spray them carefully. You just have to think like a cockroach in order to be able to understand where they’re going to hide.

And because cockroaches are very clever and tough to detect, you have to ensure that you spray your home regularly. You can’t just stop spraying just because you no longer see them. Regular anti-pest maintenance is vital regardless of what pest you’re dealing with. By carrying out a well-thought and planned method of preventing roaches from infesting, you can certainly defeat them without calling in the professional’s help.

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