Diatomaceous Earth – Naturally Kill Bed Bugs

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Diatomite, Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Killer
Diatomaceous Earth Bed Bug Killer – Naturally Kill Bed Bugs
Our Safer Brand of Diatomaceous Earth Prevents Bed Bugs and Bed Bug eggs from coming back! This non-toxic, natural Bed Bug Diatomaceous Earth keeps on working long after you apply it and it’s your security blanket to make sure Bed Bugs don’t come back!. It ensures you don’t have to worry about putting your family or pets’ health at risk. With no fumes or offensive odors to contend with, you can even sleep in the bed immediately following treatment! DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is another vital tool to eliminate bed bugs. Just sprinkle it around baseboards, in your carpet, clothes, electronics, on your mattress and anywhere bed bugs may be present!

Using the Pest Pistol® DE dust Applicator to apply a near-invisible layer of diatomaceous powder (used with larger sizes of DE) to kill the blood-sucking Bed Bugs. As Bed Bugs scratch their way through DE, it begins penetrating and fracturing a bed bugs waxy exoskeletons, causing a bed bug to dehydrate and die. Once applied, it provides a long-term barrier to protect you and your loved ones from bed bug re-infestations as bed bugs naturally avoid passing through the dust. University studies have proven DE to be an effective barrier against Bed Bugs.