About Us

types of pests at homeAt Aforismi, we value the importance of the homeowner’s role in getting rid of pests and preventing them from entering your home once again. If you have a pest problem, it is your responsibility to take care of it, whether you want to take on the job of exterminating on your own or if you want us to help you with it.

Our website is specifically built for you, the homeowner, to get to know what needs to be done to control all kinds of pests that thrive in your home, including roaches, bed bugs, mice, and even spiders. We make it a priority not to convince you to hire pros, though. What we do is hand out tips, suggestions, and the common “how-tos” of pest control and extermination.

If you don’t want pests in your home, so does millions of other homeowners in the United States. But the problem is that you don’t get to talk to those pests and tell them to get a life! There has to be action and that action means you doing something about your problem. One reason why there are pests in your property is because you don’t clean it as often as you should. If you have a clean and organized property, there is little reason for mice, bugs, rats, and spiders to come in and search for a place to live and breed.

But cleaning alone won’t solve your problem. You have to know what it takes to get rid of them using both natural and proven ways. In this website, you will get all the information you need to carry out and perform several ways of dealing with all kinds of pests. There is no one solution in handling their numbers. The ways to deal with them are unique and the good thing is we will be providing you all the techniques and tips you can do without a professional exterminator’s help.