Tips on Finding a Great Pest Control Company

pest control guyThe problem with pest control is that no homeowner wants to handle it, and you certainly are no exception. The good news is you actually don’t have to worry about it. You simply tap the services of a reliable pest control company. But there’s one glaring question: how do you actually make sure the one you hire will be doing a great job? The answer lies in the questions. What we mean is that you should be able to know what questions to ask when you’re in the process of searching for the ideal pest control company.

Is the company you’re hiring licensed?

Majority of states and localities will issue pest control licenses. It means that the area where you reside will require a permit or license for a pest control company to be able to do business. What you need to do is contact the State Pesticide Regulatory Agency to validate the license presented to you by the prospective contractor. You also need to inquire if the workers or employees are bonded. This is to ensure that the company will be reimbursing you in case there is damage to your property.

Are they willing to talk to you about the different treatments available for your home?

You can validate a pest control company’s reliability by seeing to it that they talk to you and they’re transparent enough to discuss treatment options to solve your pest problems. One particular problem with unreliable ones is that they won’t even tell you what they’re going to do. That’s a sign of being unprofessional. The right company will hand out to you an outline of the control program to be used, including the most important information you deserve to know such as the pests intended to be controlled, the extent of the problem, active ingredients used, and the potential health effects of those active ingredients. Also, they wrap up the process by giving you tips on how to minimize pest problems later on.

How about track record?

no to pestsYou can’t possibly rely on the information given to you by the company receptionist or agent when it comes to track record. You have to find that information yourself. The best way to do that is by calling the pesticide regulatory department or agency in your locality. You should look for red flags in the form of complaints filed against the company. Ask other people who have dealt with the same pest control company and ask them about their experience.

Is the company covered by insurance?

Insurance is a “must-have” in any agreement or contract you sign with a pest control company. You need to ask for actual proof (in paper) that they are in fact insured. Majority of them have general liability insurance as well as coverage for sudden and accidental pollution. The purpose of the insurance is for you to get protection should there be any accident that occurs during the application of the treatment for pest control.

Finally, ask for a guarantee of their work. There actually is no reason for you to hire one that won’t even guarantee the work they provide, even if it is only a minor pest control job like getting rid of bed bugs.  At the same time, you also must understand your responsibility as the homeowner. There are times when the guarantee provided by the company will become invalid if you couldn’t perform the part assigned to you. It’s alright for them to require you to pay for annual inspections after the initial treatment so as to ensure that the solution provided will work.

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